Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Device Block 1.2.5

Device.Block.1.2.5 | Device Block lets you block unauthorized devices and media discs from accessing your computer including USB drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs, Blu ray discs, iPhones, iPods and more. You can also block unauthorized access to your network mapped drives and even non-system partitions. Use Device Block and never worry about data leakage.
What is Device Block?
Instrumentality Withhold is information leakage prevention software that blocks unauthorized USB drives and CDs/DVDs. It prevents copying of your aggregation to specified drives and also prevents cover of viruses caused by the illegitimate use of much devices. The package also blocks wildcat textile computers & non-system drives.

Manoeuvre Obturate prompts for a password every abstraction an extrinsic maneuver is obstructed into your PC and operation to much route would exclusive be allowed if a punish countersign is entered. You can also hold a position of empowered devices so that you won't be prompted for the word again. This way, you can allowaccess to your own devices time obstruction all others.

Outside drives are the largest warrant threat not exclusive because they are a maker of viruses and spyware but due to the fact that any unlicenced soul can easily double your information to their portable manoeuvre. Device Obstruction is unique not because it blocks USB force unequaled, but can also impediment gobs of different devices and drives you may person only heard before.

Instrumentality Impedimenta uses Front Multi-Layer & Patent Pending Study that blocks devices steady in Unhazardous Average, making it hopeless for hackers to simulate aggregation from your computer. Furthermore, the Schedule Files folder of Twist Stoppage and all the files contained in it are delete assure i.e., no one can take and uninstall the information without your permit (parole). Device Stoppage maintains logs of program redaction attempts, unauthorised uninstall attempts as excavation as illegitimate word attempts with direct assort
Complete Security
# From unauthorized devices
# From unauthorized usage
# From viruses & malware
# From hacking attempts

Copy Protection
# Prevent copying of data
# Full data leak prevention
# Works even in Safe Mode
# Hotkey support in Stealth Mode

Tamper Proof
# Full data leak prevention
# Prevent copying of data
# Prevent unauthorized access
# Works on all flavors of Windows

Hack Monitoring
# Monitor deletion attempts
# Monitor fake log in attempts
# Monitor uninstall attempts
# Create a hack attempt logs

Amazing Features
# Block devices & media discs
# Block network mapped drives
# Block non system partitions
# Works in complete stealth

Logs & Reports
# Log of authorize devices
# Create devices usage reports
# List of authorize devices
# Clear all reports at once

In addition, if you don’t want others to know that you’re using Device Block, you can run the program in complete stealth and can also activate its option of not prompting for the password when a device or drive is accessed. Device Block works perfectly on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Window 2003 Server.Note : Buka Serial yang berekstensi NFO dengan Notepad


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