Thursday, September 29, 2011

Empires Earth

Empires Earth Developer: Stainless Steel Studios, Publisher: Sierra Inc, Genre: trategy / RTS, Platform: PC / Windows.

Release date: World: 13 November 2001
Play modes: single / multiplayer
Multiplayer: LAN / Internet | number of players: 1 - 16
Game language: English
Age requirements: 12+ 
Suggested system requirements:
Pentium II 400MHz, 64MB RAM, 8 MB graphic card.
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Our score: 88%
+ Editor's Choice
Players score: 85%
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Campaign with legendary heroes of the past like Hannibal and Alexander the Great
Deploy 30 types of aircraft – Spitfires, F-15s, B-2 bombers – and 40 types of ships – ships of the line, U-boats, aircraft carriers
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Construct Wonders of the World that endow your civilization with special powers

Link Download Empires Earth I:

MediaFire 6 Part

Link Download Empires Earth II:


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