Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Password Faces For Laptop / Notebook

Log in to your PC without having to touch a PC! Yups, with this application you can log into a computer simply by directing your face to the webcam located on a PC.
Luxand Blink! Face Recognition is an application that can be used to log into a computer with a direct face to webcam located on the computer. No password and no fingerprint scan.
This free application can be used if you want a login to a computer using only your face. Although free, this tool has the ability to recognize faces with the condition however, so you need not worry, if you've cut hair, shaved his mustache, wearing make-up, and many more, the application of this Luxand able to recognize.
In addition, by using Luxand Blink!, The security of your computer more secure, because you do not need to use a password to be logged, so that the level of security is more assured. This tool can be implemented for your home or office PC.


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