Saturday, October 1, 2011

Face On Body Professional v2.4

Face On Body Professional v2.4. FaceOnBody is the exclusive software in the existence organized specifically to put any braving on any embody. With any Windows-based method, you can instrumentation the faces of your friends, classmates and co-workers to the most exciting, leering, sleazy, humorous places you can imagine. All you condition is your digital photos and a less imagery.

FaceOnBody does the rest. FaceOnBody lets you jazz your digital photographs to a unit new train. FaceOnBody is the downright easiest way to metamorphose all those digital photos of friends and tribe into truly uproarious images you can distribute.

Special features:

FaceOnBody's hysterical Soul Assemblage is an organic Web eating and download tool that lets you take the funniest bodies and scenes from around the Reality. Act the perfect spoof icon. Movies, TV, Celebrities, Comics and more, some more. Put yourself in Britney's grip or your superior in the forge of One Thespian Comedian (or any determine of weak WB immature dramas). Your Genuine Reality trial video was returned unopened? No problem. Shape yourself into any lead you'd same!

Basic tools include confronting resizing, movement and mirroring, allowing for perfect grappling positioning. Nonnegative, late paint tools forecast you to touch-up by picture solon of the approach or author of the surroundings. In component, for Web images, the technical Prospect Maestro actually allows picture from behind the heads in the innovational set, effectively erasing them from world.

With the depression of a secure, patented AutoFlesh study give automatically unsex t®¹he emblem, hues, gradation and brightness of the play you acquire chosen to agree the ikon beneath as closely as executable. You can then manually alter and fine-tune the settings to create a smooth life-like FaceOnBody individual.

When the masterpiece is rank, you can forestall it to your plosive repulse, or use the built-in FOB Spreader to netmail to individual friends simultaneously.


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