Thursday, October 6, 2011

WebcamMax Full Version, Thousands of Webcam Video Effects Fantastic For You


WebcamMax is a software to provide effects on your webcam video. This software provides hundreds or even thousands of effects that can make your webcam video becomes more lively and interesting. Perhaps for those of you who hooked chat using the latest Yahoo Messenger chat software would have been no stranger had fun while chatting using webcams to each other face to face with one another. Well, with this WebcamMax you can use a variety of effects that can be used while chatting. Interesting is not it?
WebcamMax provides a lot of effects based on its category. As we replace the head with a cartoon head, or with heads of famous people such as David Beckham and others. In addition to the above, there are many other effects that can be affixed to the webcam video. Such as using frames, adding the writing of the sentences as you want, emotion, light effects, fire effects, and many others. Following categories based on the full effect.

WebcamMax Effects category:
1. Background, this effect can change your video background with a view according to which has been provided.
2. Transform, this effect of light effects, changing colors, fire effects, the effect of fat, skinny effects, weird effects, Emboss, Sketch, shadow effects, effects of snow, and others.
3. Mask, this effect is the effect of the most interesting part of this software. This effect could replace your face with a cartoon animal faces, faces of famous people, using tape, pirate masks, glass eyes, mustache, beard, thick lips, hair, hats, and more.
4. Frame, this effect is useful to provide a frame / frame on our webcam video. Frame provided was not simple, but highly variable.

5. Emotion, this effect contains a collection of various emotions to be conveyed to our chat opponents. As sad, angry, want to kill, laughing, teasing, embarrassment, etc..
6. Text, effect is to give the text you want.
webcammax ss More cool again, WebcamMax features the Face Recognition. Thus, when you use a mask effect to replace your face with a face that you chose, the placement of faces will fit in the circumference of your face. However, if you feel not quite fit like a slanted or too small, you try to use your hands in the face to justify his position or to change its size. Very interesting is not it?
In addition, with this software you can also take your picture and stored in the form of JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG. Not satisfied with just a picture? With WebcamMax you can also record webcam video of you who already spiked with various effects. Good luck. :-)
One more thing, if you are not satisfied with the effect that has been available at this time, you can also download the latest effects directly from this software. And of course the computer or laptop you must be connected to the internet. WebcamMax not only can be integrated on a chat application such as Yahoo Messenger, but still other chat applications can use this software like Live Messenger, Skype, ICQ, PalTalk, Camfrog, YouTube, etc..
On his official site, this software is sold at a price of $ 89.95 for the Ultimate Package. It's not the nominal bit to get this software full. However, in this weblog you can download for free WebcamMax and I also provide software patches to giver her on webcam video effects become full version.
webcammax ss
Installation: 1) Unpack and install. 2) patch the program using the included patch. 3) Block Internet 4) Enter any machine code to get a serial and choose manually to activate.Enter machine code 5) Enjoy this release! Just info, the official website of this program is sold at a price of $ 89.95. Here I share sofwergratisblog free for loyal visitors.
To download WebcamMax Full Version, please click the download link below:


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